Photo Simulations and 3D renderings. Because sometimes you just need to see it.


Landscape, structure, and other site enhancements are often come at large capitol costs.  We want to help you  envision the final product through the most effective means possible.  Landscape Dynamics develops designs through photo simulations, perspective sketches, and 3D modeling.

2021 Colorado outdoor patio lighting concept-cropped.jpg

Patio Lighting Structure

Santa monica

Understanding how a structure will affect how a space feels and how existing elements will interact with the new is where photo simulations pay off.  Spaces that have been unchanged for years are often the most difficult to see differently.


Union Station Plaza Planter

los angeles

When thousands of people per day will see your project, it better keep them interested.  Photo simulations and 3D renderings can provide a look at the anticipated shape of a landscape on day one or five years out.  


Fountain to Planter Conversion

Los angels, miracle mile

Options don't just provide a choice, they can provide points of discussion to get a project moving forward.  Often times the final design is very different than the original concept work. Through interaction with our clients and exploration of concept work the designs take their shape.