Commercial Design, Municipal Consulting, Land Conservation, Residential Design, Arboriculture, Aerial Photography,  General Consulting


Commercial Design

one size doesn't fit all

From shopping centers to high-rise parking structures, our Landscape Architects know where to use the right plant material and the correct irrigation application.  Hands-on construction support ensures our clients are getting the correct installation while meeting their budget.


Arborist Services

natural investments

From tree assessments to public outreach programs, our goal is to help educate residents, contractors, and public officials alike that trees are an investment in your property and it's future.  Providing health assessments, inventories, and educational opportunities, our Certified Arborist works with clients to understand how to properly plant, maintain, and if necessary, remove a tree.


Professional Consulting

resources at your fingertips

Sometimes all you need is an extra pair of hands.  We have provided short-term, on-call and in-office consulting to a variety of clients and professionals including civil engineers, contractors, attorneys, and property managers.  With experience in landscape design, construction, maintenance, and related fields we poses the skills to help keep your projects moving forward.


Municipal Consulting

BALANCING the public landscape

Providing our plentitude of services to our municipal clients enables them to serve their constituents in a time- and cost-effective manner.  From small tasks such as weekly water budgeting, bid submittal reviews, and plan check services, to larger projects such as median and park designs and master planning, Landscape Dynamics is ready to be your on-call landscape architectural consultant.

Water Conservation

waste not, want not

Protecting our natural resources is a landscape architect's concern before, during, and after a drought.  Careful design followed by precise water management is essential to ensuring that water is utilized to its maximum efficiency within your landscape . 

Residential Design

From dream to reality

Our residential projects have benefited from a strong designer-client relationship.  Our Landscape Architects work closely with the client to fully understand both the needs and vision for the site.  With that vision, Landscape Dynamics’ designers are able to provide the insight and technical skills to bring the design to reality.