San Dimas Headquarters SoCalGas

San Dimas Facility encompasses approximately 6.2 acres

Total turf removed: 67,352 SF, Total landscape area: 86,555 SF

Previous Annual Landscape Water Use Estimate: 2.6 million gallons per year

Projected Annual Landscape Water Use Estimate: 1.0 million gallons per year

Projected Annual Landscape Water Savings: 1.6 million gallons per year  60%

Utilizes plants that are low water use, require minimal maintenance throughout the year, and provide changing seasonal interest in the landscape.

Plant selections were chosen for bold accent shapes such as Agaves, seasonal leaf and flower colors such as the Kangaroo Paws, and fine textured soft plants like drought tolerant ornamental grasses.

Boulder and rock material was selected to mimic naturally occurring colors in the local landscape and provide a contrasting backdrop to the selected plant material.

A dry stream bed was created throughout the site to serve as a decorative and functional hardscape element capturing storm water runoff from over 88,000 square feet of roof and hardscape areas which can produce 19,093 cubic feet (142,813 gallons) of water during a heavy storm event.

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